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PUE Optimization

Data Center Solutions was designed by professional engineers that specialize in design of controls systems, HVAC systems, Energy Management Systems, Energy Audits and Energy Master Planning. Our development team all specialize in both data centers and facilities systems. With this combined expertise, Data Center Solutions created a truly unique control system that manages energy better than anything else available. The mandate to reduce TOTAL COST of OWNERSHIP through energy reduction is a constant focus.
Data Center Integrator offers the industry's most advanced real time optimization of PUE. Our engineers developed strategic cooling plant and CRAC control algorithms for energy reduction while maintaining data center environmental conditions.

By monitoring and controlling all data center equipment; the Integrator makes decisions on demand reduction using indoor conditions, outdoor conditions and built in load predicting algorithms. RESULT = Lowest Cost of Ownership + Improved ROI

Traditional Data Centers are highly-inefficient due to oversized equipment vs. actual running loads, poor airflow management and capacity-sizing issues.

Data Center Integrator includes demand control algorithms that specifically reduce energy consumption of facilities equipment while maintaining design conditions within the data center. We call this PUE Optimization.

Don't let your data center control your power bill. DCI's PUE Optimization reduces your energy demand and consumption which translates into higher profitability.

Data Center Solutions combines energy audit analysis with the control system design. Our team of engineers conduct Efficiency Audits that include:

  • Analysis of the efficiency in which your Data Center is managing airflow
  • Study the demand-use per system
  • Look for ways to increase efficiencies with cooling strategies
  • Conduct analysis and trending of electrical systems
  • Ensure UPS is correctly sized & matches the load for optimal efficiency
  • Assess IT floor layout (rack placement, cooling vent placement, equipment placement in racks, adherence to best practices, etc.)
  • Identification of temperature extremes
  • Recommendations based on improvements in efficiency, capacity and availability

WHAT IS Power Utilization Effectiveness, PUE

PUE is derived by dividing the total incoming power by the IT equipment load.

Total Data Center Incoming Power:
Includes all of the data center's electrical and mechanical support systems including HVAC (chillers, pumps, CRAC's, fans, humidifiers) and power delivery equipment (UPS, switchgear, transformers, PDU's…)

Total Data Center IT Load:
Includes servers, switches, telcom, storage

A low PUE translates into a more efficient data center. HVAC systems and UPS's must be designed with scalability to match the highest efficiency operating point, with the corresponding IT load. Load matching of equipment to operate at its best efficiency will ensure a low PUE.
DCI controls the non IT equipment to stage and unload correctly with the corresponding IT load.


Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE)

DCiE is derived by dividing the total IT equipment load by the Total Facility Power x 100

DCiE =           TOTAL DATA CENTER IT LOAD           x100
DCiE is the inverse of PUE and is a snapshot of the amount of energy consumed by the IT equipment.