Software that advances Data Center Control, Efficiency & Optimization

  • Customized Dashboard

    Control and Optimize Facilities & IT systems on ONE CENTRALIZED PLATFORM"
  • How Efficient is your Data Center?

    Learn how to Lower TCO, Improve PUE & Increase ROI,"
  • PUE Optimization

    Take Control of your Costs with Data Center Integrator and PUE Optimizer"
  • Generator Plant Control

    Monitor & Control emergency generators & fuel transfer pumps with automatic exercising and Load Tests

  • Automatic Rack Power Usage Billing

    for Collocation Data Center

  • 3-D Custom Graphics

    Scalable, Modular & “Buy as you Grow”   

  • Control of Multiple Data Centers Globally

Integrator Software

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” – Lord Kelvin, 1883

The Data Centre Integrator (DCI) is a true window to the complete data center and associated support infrastructure no matter where you are. DCI will manage a small enterprise or a very large network of collocation data centers, without limits. DCI is intuitive, and scalable to any size of enterprise.

The DCI is a complete control system that integrates
IT systems and facilities systems including:

  • server racks
  • power trending and rack billing
  • PDU's
  • UPS's
  • switches
  • routers
  • CRAC's (chillers, pumps, generators, switch gear & transfer switches)
  • Security & surveillance
  • fire suppression & detection
  • lead lag control
  • auto switchover of failed equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring and emergency escalation
  • INDUSTRIAL Software Security


The Integrator is a comprehensive solution, designed by industry-leading engineers.  Our team of electrical, mechanical and controls engineers are experts in energy management and data center design.  DCI was designed to provide aggressive control strategies for reduction of energy consumption and maximizing efficiencies while maintaining required data center conditions.

No longer is it acceptable to oversize equipment and run at 100% while part loading on the IT racks. DCI manages the infrastructure equipment to ensure the lowest PUE and the highest Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency, DCiE.

DCI provides BOTH Monitoring & Control of all Critical Infrastructure.


Key Benefits of Integrator include:

  • custom Dashboard for CONTROL and monitoring of ALL equipment and systems
  • real time control and supervision of all IT & facilities equipment / systems
  • energy optimization through demand limiting, chilled water reset and PUE optimization with enthalpy control
  • integrates to all platforms and protocols, SNMP IP, Mobus, BaCnet, Lonworks…
  • intuitive, proactive and intelligent
  • data trending, scheduling and duty cycling
  • user interface is offered on PC, Mac, tablet, PDA, smart phone and IPAD devices
  • intuitive, user friendly design where no user manuals are necessary - navigation and control is point and click
  • designed to maximize energy efficiencies and reduce operation costs
  • comprehensive library of custom 3D graphics for all equipment associated with data centers, from racks, UPS's, CRAC's, generators, pumps, chillers, etc
  • each floor plan layout graphic is a 3D replication of the actual room layout
  • scheduled alarms and alerts
  • provides automatic rack billing for energy consumption based on the set tariff within the customer service agreement
  • system trends all values and monitor points for future audit and trending
  • integration to other software applications