Software that advances Data Center Control, Efficiency & Optimization

  • Customized Dashboard

    Control and Optimize Facilities & IT systems on ONE CENTRALIZED PLATFORM"
  • How Efficient is your Data Center?

    Learn how to Lower TCO, Improve PUE & Increase ROI,"
  • PUE Optimization

    Take Control of your Costs with Data Center Integrator and PUE Optimizer"
  • Generator Plant Control

    Monitor & Control emergency generators & fuel transfer pumps with automatic exercising and Load Tests

  • Automatic Rack Power Usage Billing

    for Collocation Data Center

  • 3-D Custom Graphics

    Scalable, Modular & “Buy as you Grow”   

  • Control of Multiple Data Centers Globally

Data Center Design

Our data center design engineers take the time to understand your needs and design solutions to support higher density footprints, eliminate over provisioning, and reduce upfront capital expenditures. Our solutions are designed to significantly reduce your energy costs and footprint while improving your server room power, cooling, and space capacity. You gain these benefits without sacrificing reliability. Our solutions allow for redundancy and offer you the ability to build as you grow.

DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS have strategic relationships with the Data Center industry's leading Data Center Power, Cooling, Fire Protection, IT Management, and Infrastructure manufacturers. We are on the leading-edge of Data Center technology and design.