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  • PUE Optimization

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  • Generator Plant Control

    Monitor & Control emergency generators & fuel transfer pumps with automatic exercising and Load Tests

  • Automatic Rack Power Usage Billing

    for Collocation Data Center

  • 3-D Custom Graphics

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  • Control of Multiple Data Centers Globally


DCS offers solutions for any application from small, medium to large enterprise data centers. Control, monitoring and complete integration of all critical infrastructure equipment via cloud based or in room server based solutions are available for any size of data center.
Each data center infrastructure management DCIM solution is designed to fit the needs of the specific site conditions. The procedure for design is as follows:

  1. Establish points list and all interdependent equipment and processes.
  2. Create sequence of operations for systems and all alarming, and escalation flow charts.
  3. Evaluate adequacy of systems for the intended purpose. Evaluate risks and potential points of failure.
  4. Establish best practices to all the above in consultation with your overseeing team
  5. Design controls solutions and points list for final solution
  6. produce drawings and specifications for review and approval
Small Data Centers DCI will integrate your critical equipment infrastructure to provide a level of control customized for your needs. From simple power monitoring to full control inclusive of monitoring, trending and control dashboards, DCI can customize a solution.

Medium Data Centers

DCI has cost effective control systems for medium sized data centers that include full control of all UPS, PDU's, Rack metering, CRAC's, security, fire suppression, Generators and ATS. Custom graphics created for your specific site conditions provide an accurate real time control representation. Vendor neutral solutions that can integrate all equipment for communications and control.

Large Data Centers
Global Enterprises

DCI control systems are scalable to handle the largest of data centers with a global portal for multiple data center control. The solutions include NOC stations with touch screen control to provide state of the art management of critical infrastructure equipment and systems. DCI will integrate all aspects of the data center and provide customized dashboards and graphics. All systems including UPS, PDU's, CRAC's, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Generators, ATS, Switchgear, Security, Card Access, fire detection, fire suppression, automatic rack billing…