Software that advances Data Center Control, Efficiency & Optimization

  • Customized Dashboard

    Control and Optimize Facilities & IT systems on ONE CENTRALIZED PLATFORM"
  • How Efficient is your Data Center?

    Learn how to Lower TCO, Improve PUE & Increase ROI,"
  • PUE Optimization

    Take Control of your Costs with Data Center Integrator and PUE Optimizer"
  • Generator Plant Control

    Monitor & Control emergency generators & fuel transfer pumps with automatic exercising and Load Tests

  • Automatic Rack Power Usage Billing

    for Collocation Data Center

  • 3-D Custom Graphics

    Scalable, Modular & “Buy as you Grow”   

  • Control of Multiple Data Centers Globally

Retrofit Integration

We can install DCIM software to your existing infrastructure enabling you to take advantage of immediate enhanced control and monitoring of your Data Center. Years of experience integrating systems has provided DCI with a comprehensive library of control drivers, integrators and graphics for pretty much all equipment. If drivers are not available, we develop them.

Retrofitting data centers with Data Center Infrastructure Management and automation can yield significant savings in energy costs, operating expenses and increase security and availability.

DCI can be integrated on any size of data center no matter what the age. DCI has a IO controllers that extract equipment data of older vintage equipment making it usable on our network. DCI can integrate ANYTHING.

Ask us how we can improve your data center's efficiency DCiE and enhance your availability through intelligent real time control.

  • Data Center Solutions will map your floor plan layout into a 3D replication of the actual room graphic. Custom graphics of your equipment rooms and systems will be created so your control systems resemble what the site looks like.
  • In addition, we have a comprehensive library of custom 3D graphics and DRIVERS for all equipment associated with data centers, from racks, UPS's, CRAC's, generators, pumps, chillers…
  • Piping layouts for HVAC and chilled water cooling systems are modeled in accordance with site conditions.
  • Equipment is linked with real time monitoring of data for all points mapped to graphics.
  • The system includes a comprehensive dashboard that displays all critical equipment and systems.
  • Alarm points follow each screen to ensure the user is notified of any problem or pending problem.
  • Alarms are emailed out to the authorized persons or companies responsible for remedial action.
  • Should an alarm occur, the alarm would be emailed to the service organization with the part number and serial number for action and response. The alarm would also be sent to internal operational staff for action and review.